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The Smart City concept is an approach to urban management and development to make cities more liveable, workable and sustainable. The applications of technologies make this concept more practical and economical for urban populations and city managers. Smart City is considered an ideal approach that we can use to act and react to urban and urbanisation challenges, readdressing how cities and human settlements are planned, designed, financed, developed and governed.

Aerial Photo of a City

City on The Cloud (COC)

COC helps fast track innovation and digital adoption for governments, learning institutions and municipalities. We do this by simplifying IT workloads involved in digital adoption, such as Geographical Information System (GIS), Content Management System (CMS), Open Data portals, integrating IoT devices, all on a scalable AI/Machine Learning capable Big Data platform.

Oxygen Cities

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What we offer:

  • Consulting Services

    • Business process delivery

    • Solutions and Technology Discovery

    • Design Thinking Program

    • Six Sigma Program

    • Smart City Blueprint & Roadmap

    • Digital Transformation Blueprint

    • Corporate Strategic Plan

  • Onesait Platform Tools

    • Onesait Engine Modules

    • Onesait Platform Intelligence Modules

    • Onesait Platform Things Modules

  • HPE Edge Center Micro Data Centers

    A single cabinet data center solution allows IT solutions to be deployed outside of traditional data centers.


    • Self-contained and secure

    • Software defined

    • Unified remote management/control

    • Factory enabled rapid hybrid infrastructure

    • Single entitlement- warranty/support