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     ABOUT US  

Started in 2003, Innovation Associates Consulting (IAC) is a subsidiary of Genaxis Group, one of the leading management consulting firm in business optimisation, revenue enhancement, cost reduction, and digital transformation. As the trusted advisor, problem solver and solution provider; we help transform today’s value into thriving opportunity for our clients to protects their future business risks.


At IAC, we have a collective inventory of experience and knowledge turned insights. With our vast strengths in capabilities and resources we can access your needs and target objectively and offer most insightful and practical solutions. Our consultants practice dynamic interaction to help implement and manage solution that best fit strategy, priority, direction, performance, and management.

Why Us?

Clients call us because they know we deliver. Whether their need is organisational, operational or strategic, we deliver. Whether they need honest objectivity, scrupulous professionalism or sustained collaboration, we deliver. This is our strength.

We have a huge base of innovative resources. We have a large network of global allies. We work with clients to maximise business growth and to create a revolutionary business culture. Our work is measurable, tangible and the resulting change, dramatic to the bottom line.

As partners in growth, we at IAC transfer more than information, techniques and technology to our business clients. We partner them in creating productive change in business culture.

Business trust. We have earned it and continue to earn it for at IAC, we walk the talk. This is our strength.


To Be A Malaysian-Owned Regional Digital Player


Focused on penetrating the global market in the Public Sector through Enterprise Transformation, Government Technology and Intelligence Analytics. 

Core Values

We take pride in our values and ensure every connection we make is based on these fundamentals:

  • Lean
    We are a performance-based culture that endures to do more with less – minimising waste and producing the best possible value in building our markets, people and shareholder value.​

  • Agile
    We are a merit-based organisation that stays ahead through learning, inclusiveness, and change.​

  • Clean
    We are committed to the highest standards of business ethics – infusing trust in all business relationships and doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

  • Enterprising
    We put our imagination to test and continuously invest in disruptive innovative solutions that achieve efficiency for our customers, people and communities.

Executive Leaders



Tan Sri Dato' Sri Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir


Board of Director

Datuk Mohd Badlisham Ghazali


Board of Director

Datuk Dr Hamzah Kassim


Board of Director

En Halim Hj Din

Senior Leadership


Chief Executive Officer

Azlan Zainal Abidin



Head Consulting

Zalizan Muid


Head Sales & Account Development

Ramindra Rajaram