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Consulting & Digital Capability

We implement solutions from a marketplace that solve your industry specific business problems.

Whatever the status of a project, we keep all information up-to-date so that all patterns can be identified, rectified or accelerated. Blueprints end-to-end digital transformation journey that leverages on operational excellence and business strategy.

Brand Strategy

Digital Business Process Strategy

Digital Reinvention for Growth inspires clients to reimagine how their organization innovates, operates, and engages with their customers, employees and ecosystem using digital and emerging technology.


We enable clients to offer new experiences, to possess a new and disruptive focus on business model innovation and market activation, and to accelerate the build of new expertise and new ways to work. By partnering with IAC, clients are empowered to realize business value in a digitally enabled world. 


Our strategists and innovators partner with clients to digitally reinvent their businesses to Establish Innovation And Technology solutions.


Connect Ops and BPR

Reinventing processes for efficiency, agility and experience. We  build radical redesign of core business processes to achieve dramatic improvement in productivity, turnaround time (TAT) and quality. BPR typically adopts a new value system that places increasing emphasis on customer needs. So, we digitally reinvent and operate Finance, Procurement, Talent & Engagement, and industry-specific processes.


Our managed services are market leading in reach and scale, while differentiated by the pervasive application of cognitive technology, process automation and advanced analytics. These innovative capabilities allow us to deliver results beyond cost savings in the form of higher quality, lower risk, higher compliance, improved user experiences, and revenue growth.

Building Plans

Project and Program Management

A Project Management Office (PMO) is assigned with various responsibilities related to the centralised and coordinated management of specific projects under its domain. Our consultants have undertaken various responsibilities ranges from providing project management support functions to actually being responsible for the direct management of a project.


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