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IAC plays role of a trusted advisor, problem solver, and partner in growth

Innovation Associates Consulting (IAC) takes pride in its delivery track record

Covid-19 has challenged the way businesses run, forcing many to completely rethink the way they operate. Companies accelerated their digitalisation, many from a zero base.

Digitalisation is no longer an option for most businesses. While an ad hoc piecemeal approach to digitalisation may be sufficient as a knee-jerk stopgap measure, businesses would benefit better from a more deliberate and/or holistic approach.

Given the plethora of technologies and tools out there designed to optimise business processes, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications and automation technologies, which ones should your business adopt? Technologies evolve so very fast after all. Which business processes can you safely outsource to free up resources? How can your business best benefit from artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing and data analytics? And then there’s the issue of integrating the new systems with existing systems. Few organisations have all the required implementation expertise in-house.

This is where choosing the right service provider not just takes the heavy lifting of strategising off you, but also ensures that the best technologies for your business needs are deployed.

Innovation Associates Consulting (IAC), a subsidiary of Dagang NeXchange Bhd, takes pride in having earned organisations' trust, both in the public and private sector, because it delivers. It has over 250 clients, including several blue-chip organisations in Malaysia, many of whom have used its services multiple times.

“Whether their need is organisational, operational or strategic, we deliver. Whether they need honest objectivity, scrupulous professionalism or sustained collaboration, we deliver. This is our strength,” says the website of the IT consultancy and business system integrator.

IAC sees its role as a partner of growth, transferring more than information, techniques and technology – it partners its clients in creating productive change in business culture, providing innovative solutions and to assist them in increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

As a trusted advisor, IAC designs and deploys for its clients bespoke solutions to achieve their business goals, be it business optimisation, revenue enhancement, cost reduction, or digital transformation. It leverages on its strategic alliances with global leading solution providers in the market to provide its clients the best solutions.

IAC’s key capability is in:

  • Next-generation enterprise applications

  • Cloud computing & migration services

  • Consulting & end-to-end digital transformation

  • Application development innovation

  • System integration services

IAC’s value proposition:

  • Bespoke solutions – design and deployment of enterprise technologies and platforms that enable a wide range of applications.

  • Transformation strategy – strategic assessment of opportunities across the client’s human resources, processes and customer experiences.

  • Product implementation – implementation of solutions to solve industry-specific business problems.

  • Virtual assistants – perform tasks in increasingly simpler and in more effective ways.

  • Insights – extract previously unknown insights from its clients’ structured and unstructured data to both identify and act on the opportunities presented.

IAC, established since 2003, has a track record of over 100 medium- and large-scale projects successfully delivered on SAP competencies. Among its most recent major contracts is a multimillion-dollar contract from the Ministry of Finance to maintain the Integrated Government Financial and Management System (iGFMAS).

IAC continues to establish strategic alliances with the right partners towards meeting and exceeding clients’ specific business demands. One of IAC’s strategic technology partners is OutSystems, the global leader in low-code application development. With OutSystems, IAC has recently ventured into offering a seamless, fast-moving and flexible development platform that helps clients launch mission-critical applications fast. The company is currently deploying a nation-wide transformational initiative that revamps the core application for a government agency.

IAC has a workforce of some 250 in Malaysia, whom are consultants with deep skills and expertise across a wide range of industries. Its vision is to be a regional digital player, with a mission of helping clients to be successful through business transformation, proven industry solutions and cutting edge technology for IT modernisation and managed services.


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